Whether you are injured, an elite athlete or anywhere in between, you will benefit from our Wynn Physio program. Our training program is open to Wynn Fitness members and non-members alike, supervised by our experienced physiotherapy team.

Assessing mobility issues first, and then designing the proper treatment, physiotherapy is an excellent remedy for musculoskeletal injuries that prevent you from living life pain-free and without restriction. It helps with repetitive movement injuries, postural irregularities, sports injuries, and reduces the risk of falls and related injuries in older adults. Physiotherapy also successfully treats acute and chronic back pain, which is one of the most common complaints today as a result of our technology dependence and commuter-driven schedules.

Muscular imbalances will also be addressed and treated, as underlying causes of pain and injury.

If you think Physiotherapy could improve your health and well-being, book a consultation with one of our caring professionals today, and begin the road to recovery and better health. Each appointment is scheduled at your convenience. You will be guided through a prescribed treatment plan in our state-of-the- art fitness clubs by one of our Wynn Physio team members. In addition, you will have routine follow-up appointments with our Registered Physiotherapist to monitor your progress and further support your success. Sam Mehrjoyan,  Registered Physiotherapist