Build A Travel Gym

Friday February 21 2020
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Why should you have a travel gym? Well, you’re not always going to have access to one of our amazing Wynn Fitness locations. As much as we would love it for you to always train here with us, we get it. You have a life and life includes travel from time to time.

While most hotels have a gym, they’re not always set up well. Many hotel gyms have nothing more than an dusty exercise bike and a few treadmills, no weights or pull up bars. Or if the hotel does have a great gym, it may have hours that don’t work with your schedule or be far too busy for your liking. None of which are ideal when you’re looking to be consistent with your training while you’re away from your home base.

Also, what if you’re staying at an Air B’n’B? Most of them won’t have fitness facility, unless it’s a brand new condo within a large city, and even then many of those won’t allow you access without special passes or entry cards.

So what can you do?

You can build a small “travel gym” that will fit in your bag, and let you train anywhere you find yourself in the world. If you can’t actually be here getting your workout done, in house with us, why not let us help you build a gym that can travel with you wherever you go.

Everything on this list is light, can be carried in a carry on bag, won’t cost you much, and will get the job done!


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1.) Suspension Trainer 

A suspension trainer is a simple device, it’s just some straps and some handles with a set of foot cradles. The most popular brand is the TRX, for sure you have seen them before. They’re the yellow and black straps with handles, that kind of look like futuristic gymnastics rings.

A suspension trainer, it doesn’t have to be the TRX, can be purchased for anywhere from $30 – $250, BUT in my opinion is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment you can possibly buy for fitness while you’re traveling. They pack up easy, they’re small and light, and they allow you do to just about ANY body weight exercise.  All you need is sturdy door to attach it on, and you can perform rows, push ups, pull ups, various lunges, leg curls, core work, and more.  It can even be attached to a tree branch, soccer net, fence, or more if the weather is nice outside.

A good suspension trainer won’t cost you much, and will last a long time. Do yourself a favour and grab one for your travel gym.


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2.) Jump Stretch Bands 

Jump stretch bands are those “heavy duty” resistance bands that look like giant continuous loop “rubber bands”. They come in various weights, and you can get some that are seriously heavy. For travel purposes, you don’t need heavy ones. Grab 1-2 extra light bands and 1-2 light bands – that’s more than enough.

The bands can be used for mobility work and stretching, and they can mimic a cable machine for standing rows, flys, pushing, pressing, biceps curls, triceps extensions and more. The bands can also be doubled or tripled up to increase the weight of any exercise/movement. You can also buy a cheap door jam/door attachment so that you can attache the bands to a door in your hotel room.

They’re a light, cheap, and versatile addition to your travel gym that will go a long way and serve you very well.


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3.) Lacrosse Ball/Tennis Ball

Long flights, train rides, cabs, and sitting the whole way to your destination can be tough on your body. It may be beneficial to bring with you a lacrosse ball, or tennis ball, for some self massage after your long trip. The size of either ball allows it to get into your hips, glutes, shoulders, feet, chest, back of the neck, and more with ease. It can really help if you’re feeling stiff.

A lacrosse ball can get into tight muscles and help to relieve tension in all areas of the body, however, a lacrosse ball might be a little too tough/hard for some people to handle. So, if you don’t have a lot of experience with self massage, or if the lacrosse ball hurts too much – use a tennis ball instead. My suggestion is to bring both, that way you have more options.


So there you have it, 3 essentials for your travel gym. Now you can maintain, or even build upon, your fitness while you’re away – but we can’t wait to see you again and to hear how your trip went!






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