Thoracic Spine: Open Books & Roller Extensions

Saturday March 2 2019

Last week we dove into what the thoracic spine is, how it should move, and why it can cause you pain, discomfort, and poor athletic/movement performance if it’s not moving well. So if you haven’t checked out that last post, do that now!

Most people are a little “stuck” through their thoracic spine, meaning their mid back lacks rotation and extension. Why? There are multiple reasons why. The most common is poor static posture in their day to day lives, and a lack of movement. Most commonly this is caused from hunching over while seated or texting, and not exposing their bodies to the ranges of motion required to maintain optimal rotation and extension throughout the mid back.

Fortunately, there is an easy place to start getting some of that movement back … in your back. All it requires is a foam roller, and thankfully all of our gyms have those! Today you’ll be learning about “The Open Book” a simple exercises that improves thoracic rotation, and the “Roller Extension” a gentle movement that improves thoracic extension.

Check out the video below and learn how to improve your movement, reduce your injury potential, and possibly ease some discomfort with these two simple exercises.




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