Personal Trainer

Mari Rasti

richmond hill

Mari is a Personal Trainer that may look quite serious on the gym floor of our Richmond Hill club when coaching her clients, but the truth is, she is quite the opposite! She does like to bring along a certain dose of fun which is always appreciated by her students. All fun aside though, Mari’s resume features pretty impressive accomplishments during her 12 years of experience in the field. Mari holds Master of Kinesiology, CPTN Certification, and also Mind Body Specialty Certification. She is wholly devoted to her clients, cheering them all the way to better and healthier versions of themselves. She has helped many achieve their different fitness goals, most of them focusing on losing weight. Mari has clients who have experienced complete body transformations, losing up to 60 lbs!

When not coaching, she also practices an active lifestyle, and besides working out at our gym, she likes to swim too. As a pro swimmer for 15 years now; she loves all strokes, especially the butterfly. Mari works hard, trains hard, and sometimes, she’ll make a break from a healthy path and indulge with some junk food. Two things; first – the accent is on the word “sometimes,” and second – don’t we all?!