Personal Trainer

Janet Osborne

richmond hill

With over 25 years of experience in the same role, Janet joined Wynn Fitness Club in Richmond Hill as a Personal Training Specialist and Group Fitness Class Instructor in 2014. Janet holds CanFITPro Certification, but she is also Certified Holistic Naturalist. When she is not on the gym floor helping our members experience healthier lifestyles, she teaches those younger generations at Seneca College and her Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology class, with the same inspiring goal. Janet’s private life and hobbies are no different; she very much enjoys bike riding, hiking, golfing, skiing and of course cooking. Smoothies from her Vitamix count for her regular go-to nutritious fuel, but she also says that her current fave recipe is a Pear Parsnip Soup. (We think that we want that recipe!)

Janet’s love for healthy living and teaching goes hand in hand with the comfort of music, more specifically music festivals that she likes to go to with her son.