Maintain Core Engagement

Thursday January 10 2019

In the past two blog posts we’ve looked at what the core is and how to engage it effectively. Now that you’ve had a bit of time to get familiar with your core, and how to engage it correctly, you’ll need a way to make sure that your core remains engaged during exercise.

Achieving a good engagement from the core is one thing, but maintaining it through movement is another. We need to be able to maintain core engagement through movement in order to improve our movements, make them more explosive and strong, as well as (and quite importantly) to protect your spine.

The simple trick that we show you in the video that accompanies this article will allow you to feel when you’ve lost core engagement, and will act as a powerful tool to improve your core stability, athleticism, movement, posture, and physical appearance.

All you need is a shoelace, string, or resistance band and you’re good to go!

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