Hip External Rotation: The Modified Pigeon

Saturday April 6 2019

Last week we talked a bit about hip external rotation. We went over what it is, why it’s important, and why you should be making sure your working on improving or maintaining your hip external rotation.

But where do you start? Simple – with this modified “pigeon stretch” that we’re teaching you today in the video below.

The pigeon is a stretch found in yoga and it’s often used to help stretch the glutes and improve hip external rotation. However, a lot of people find it can be quite uncomfortable – as it puts a lot of stress on their knees, spine, and hips. This is because the pigeon is usually too advanced for most people. It needs to be modified to put the spine, hips, and knees in better alignment in order to get the most out of the stretch, and avoid discomfort.

The version of the “modified pigeon” found in the video below will help you align your joints, take the pressure off your knees, back, and pelvis – allowing you to feel the stretch in your hip and glutes. This is a fantastic place to start, if you’re looking to improve your hip external rotation.



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