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Tuesday January 16 2018

“How can a healthy lifestyle result in one of the worst nightmares you can ever think of? How can this be payback for being healthy?” – Geeta Dwarika remembered her first reaction after her doctor presented the breast cancer screening results which read “positive.”

fight breast cancer
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For a long time gym devotee, who has always made conscious decisions about healthy meal plans and overall well-being, who felt the strongest and healthiest she has ever been, this moment came as a shock and a huge disappointment. Reasonably so. But then her doctor changed her perspective quickly ushering the encouragement: “You cannot think about it that way. Think about it in reverse; because you are healthy, you are going to kick this! You are going to kick it better than most and come out of it standing.”

Geeta took those words seriously, set the goal, made the plan and followed through. She kicked it. Kicked it smart, cool-headed, fearless and determined, and after a year, she won, and she regained all her strength back! That was when I met her at Wynn Fitness Club Downtown Toronto, her home gym when she agreed to give me this interview. You simply have to hear her inspiring story; scroll down to play the full video.

Fitness always on the radar

It’s needless to emphasize the importance of fitness, nowadays more so than ever, because of our sedentary lifestyle, overload of stress, and the convenience of processed foods. Being physically active addresses all those issues, it’s simply doctor recommended. Regular fitness regime can prevent many serious conditions and diseases, or like in Geeta’s case, good overall health is a crucial solid base to fight back if a disease does happen. “I was fortunate that I was the healthiest in my life when it happened to me. Don’t wait until you have a health crisis to get healthy.” – she told me.

gym membership supports Canadian Cancer Society
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Listening to Geeta now, the heroine of this story, she makes it sound doable, achievable, just like common things in life, and she proved that it is, but, the struggle was real. That’s because she is like that! From the first moment I got in touch with her, she struck me as someone very pragmatic, analytical, someone who gets things done, and someone very caring. She turned to her character to respond to this crisis and treated it like any other everyday challenge. She understood her doctor clearly, she didn’t allow the shock to take over and proceeded with the actionable plan. Based on the new learning of necessary treatment, she calculated that in about a year she could be “brand new again.” That became her sole goal which she emphasizes as the most important step – the goal setting. Geeta informed the inner circles of people who became her base support; her family and friends, her nutritionist, her Personal Trainers at Wynn Fitness Clubs, Mike Lappin and Terrence Goodridge. They were The Team Geeta.

“It all comes back to the healthy routine,” is what Geeta told me, even on hardest days, going to the gym was always on her radar, because that has always been her relationship with fitness. Set to regain her strength back, she candidly talked about how choosing to focus on things that she had control of during the treatment, helped overcome some of the hardest moments she couldn’t control, like the loss of her hair. She followed this routine, patiently and with determination, one thing at a time. A year later, she reached her goal and told us her story.

Dear friends, meet Geeta:

Gym memberships in support of Canadian Cancer Society

We had this talk back in July 2017, when our signature fundraising campaign in support of Canadian Cancer Society and Breast Cancer Foundation in particular, was in full swing. Geeta graciously stepped up and joined this good cause by sharing such sensitive details of her own battle, offering tips that resonated with not only those with the same diagnosis but anyone going through any trouble in life.

With the help of Geeta and our loyal members, Wynn Fitness has raised over $130,000 so far.

And we are not stopping here. While there have been significant improvements in screening and treatment for breast cancer, and related to that a continuously declining breast cancer death rate, it is still the most common cancer among Canadian women, and it is the 2nd leading cause of death from cancer in the same group**. That is the reason, and women like Geeta, remain our ultimate reminder to never give up. In the spirit of giving, we always like to include something for everyone, so this campaign comes with 90 DAYS FREE offer* to any new member.

January is the time for the New Year resolutions, and hopefully, better and healthier life is one on your list. Celebrating this idea, we are relaunching the same fundraising campaign, gifting many of you an easier start, and wishing you the healthiest year yet! If you’d like to do something great for yourself and others, this is it! Inquire here or click on the image below.

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