Fix Your Shoulders: Scapular Push Ups

Friday May 31 2019

If you’ve been following along with our last two blog posts, then you know that we’ve been focusing on improving the health and movement of your shoulders. Specifically, we’ve been working at improving the mobility of your scapula (shoulder blades). All of the answers to why it’s important to have control over your shoulder blades, how they should be moving, and where to begin have been answered in the first blog post – two posts ago. So if you haven’t watched the first two posts, please go back and watch those now.

In todays post, we’ll be looking at another effective exercise to add into your shoulder warm up, and scapular mobility routine – scapular push ups. This exercise will help you add a little more weight to scapular mobility training, so it’s important to perform this one only if you’re already comfortable with the exercises shown in our last two posts. Your shoulders need time to adapt to the stress that these push ups will put on them. But, if you’ve already been prepping your shoulders over the last few weeks, then lets dive into scapular push ups and take your shoulder mobility and health to a whole new level.

– Tim



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