Fix Your Shoulders: Scapular Matrix

Wednesday May 22 2019

In the last post we went over what your scapula are (your shoulder blades), how they should move, and how it will benefit you to improve the mobility/control you have over them. We also went over how to perform a very basic exercise to begin improving your scapular control, with “scapular circles”. If you haven’t already watched that video, go back and do that now.

In this blog post we’ll dive a little deeper into creating greater control, and understanding, of your scapular movement. In order to do this, you’ll need a light resistance band. Don’t be a hero! Pick a light band to start, this can be quite difficult to control at first and it’s not an exercise designed to be performed with a lot of resistance.

What exactly will you be learning? I like to call it the “scapular matrix”. It’s a series of 4 exercises performed with a light resistance band, and it takes your shoulder blades through all of their 4 primary ranges of motion – depression, elevation, protraction, and retraction.

Or in regular terms – pressing the shoulder down, shrugging the shoulders, spreading the shoulder blades apart, and pinching the shoulder blades together.

Check out the video below, go slowly, and work this into your training routine. It’s effective as a movement break during the day, or as a warm up before your workouts.

– Tim


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