Fitness & Exercise Tips For Beginners

Friday August 4 2017

Starting a fitness and exercise program is not always something that comes naturally for some people and can even seem difficult to find the right time to start. Whether you have struggled with your weight from when you were a teenager, or are starting to notice your metabolism is slowing down and you are packing on excess weight, the first step is to make a decision you want to exercise more.

One common mistake beginners will make is trying to use guilt or blame themselves for how their body currently looks or how they feel. Using these as a motivators to go to the gym does not work for long. Rather focus on your overall end goal and the long-term benefits you will enjoy once you reach that goal and use this to keep you motivated.

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Next, avoid falling into the trap of having to visit the gym each and every single day to workout. It is perfectly normal to feel excited about joining a fitness center and wanting to get the most out of your membership. Unfortunately, people that take this approach are the ones that end up giving up long before they have reached their goals. To illustrate this point, think of all the people who made a New Year’s resolution to get fit, hit the gym for the first few months, but now are nowhere to be seen at their local fitness club.

Instead, use a “Slow and Steady” approach. Start out by visiting three times a week for at least 30 minutes during the first month. It also helps to participate in the initial consultation and assessment with one of our personal trainers, here at Wynn Fitness Clubs, which is a complimentary service for new members. Take this opportunity to learn how to use the different equipment and ask questions, while developing a routine that you will enjoy, which leads us to our next tip: Make sure you enjoy yourself and are having fun!

Working out should not be a chore. You should look forward to coming to the gym and working out. Choose exercises and fitness equipment that you will not grow tired of using. If you know you might become bored with specific routines after a few weeks, mix it up. It is okay to try different equipment during your visits to add variation to your workouts.

Furthermore, it can be beneficial to find a friend or family member who can be your “workout buddy” to help keep you motivated and on track to reaching your long-term goal. If you don’t have a “workout buddy” at first, don’t worry, because you can always retain the services of one of our personal trainers to provide guidance and support, until you make new friends and find someone to workout with.

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