Engaging Your Core

Sunday January 6 2019

Last week we went into what the core is, what it isn’t, how it functions, and why crunches and sit ups aren’t the best way to train the core. It was a bunch of information to unpack in one blog, and if you’re unfamiliar with muscle groups, anatomy, or training in general – it may have been a little confusing.

So, this week we’ll go over some of those details again, only this time in video form. As well as, in the video, we’ll go over how to correctly engage your core.

Learning what the core truly is, and how to engage it correctly, is so important for your over all movement quality, health, and wellbeing. Without knowing how to correctly engage your core, all the core exercises in the world wont do you any good, because you wont be effectively training the muscles that make up your core. Without knowing how to engage your core, you’ll be using other, smaller, muscles to stabilize and do the job of the core muscles – which will lead to injuries, imbalances, and trouble down the line.

Everything starts from the centre of the body, and moves outward. We need a strong, stable, and sensitive core in order to be truly healthy, and this video is the first step towards building that connection with your core musculature.

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