Effortless Fat Loss

Thursday October 25 2018

Effortless Fat Loss: Low Level Activity

Last week, we introduced you to the idea of adopting habits in order to help you lose excess body fat, and keep it off for good. While I’m calling these habits “effortless”, because they don’t require the same effort as your workout does, they do require some dedication and consistency in order for them to be effective. Todays habit is no exception to that rule of “consistency”, but it’s something that can be done, easily, each and every day.

Our first effortless fat loss habit is … low level activity.

I’m talking about things that can be done throughout your day, everyday. Simple acts of walking, taking the stairs, hiking, or any other gentle activity that can be added into your daily life, will add to the amount of calories you burn throughout the day. On top of the added calorie burn, low level activity can be therapeutic both mentally and physically.

The average North American takes less than 10,000 steps each day. Our society is becoming much less active than ever before. Many of us sit all day at work, drive to our jobs, and spend our spare time dining out or sitting at home watching T.V.

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Adding more low level movement into your day, is the first place to start if you want to positively impact your physical health, and effortless fat loss. It’s not hard to hit the goal of 10,000 steps each day, better still, hitting over 10,000 steps, and shooting for around 15,000 each day would be a fantastic goal. How do you do this? Simple …

Walk to and from work
Go on morning or evening walks as a way to warm up or wind down from the day
Carry your groceries home from the store
Take the stairs at work, in the mall, or at home
Take the dog for more walks
Play with your kids in the yard

… and those are just a few simple ways you get get more “steps” into your day. How do you keep track of your steps? Well, most phones now have a step counter built right into the phone. If they don’t, you can always download an app. Or if you want to be fancy about it, there are a number of step counters on the market, in a variety of styles and makes, that you can buy and wear.

Now, if you wanted to do something that wasn’t just walking, you could always add in “mini workouts” each day as a way to burn off some extra calories. These “mini workouts” could be any form of cardiovascular activity you like, performed for anywhere from 10-20 mins at a steady, and easy, pace. No need to track your heart rate, or fret about hitting any target zone, we’re simply using these “mini workouts” as a way to get the body moving and add low level activity to your day. For these “workouts” you could try any number of cardiovascular activity, such as …

Jump Rope
Incline walking on treadmills or hills
Stair climbing

… basically any form of movement you enjoy. Try switching them up each time you do one of these “mini workouts”, in order to avoid boredom. You could also just do one of these “mini workouts” on a day that you didn’t hit enough steps or were relatively inactive.

Your low level activity, whether its walking or a “mini workout”, the effort is minimal and should allow the low level activity to fit seamlessly into your life. This means, you should still be able to do your main workout, while still hitting your low level activity on a workout day.

Next week, we’ll be diving into another effortless fat loss habit that you can adopt, but while you wait for that blog … get out there, and get moving slowly.

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