Develop An Iron Core: The Bird Dog

Friday February 1 2019

Last week we touched on the topic of essential core exercises, and how crunches/sit ups aren’t the best (or safest) exercises for developing your core. This week we’re diving into the first of 3 exercises that will help you develop an “iron core” in a safe and effective way.

Today we’ll be looking at “The Bird Dog”. The bird dog is a fantastic exercise that has been borrowed from classical yoga practices. It allows you to train in a way that challenges the core stabilizers, engages the muscles of the posterior chain (your back muscles), and it helps you learn how to resist rotation in the spine.. Also, the bird dog places a much smaller amount of stress on the spine, compared to exercises such as sit ups or crunches. These are all things we want from an exercise in order to improve performance in life and athletics

In this video we go over how to perform the bird dog in a variety of ways, in order to suit your current fitness level. We also discuss common errors and how to avoid them, in order to get the most out of your bird dog.

So here we go, watch the video and get on your way to developing your core!





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