Control Your Hip External Rotation

Friday April 26 2019

This is the final blog post in a series about developing greater hip external rotation and mobility. In the past few posts we talked about what hip external rotation is, why it’s important, and how it can benefit your life, workouts, and health. If you haven’t already read the first blog post, or watched the past two videos – please do that, and practice the content described in those before attempting this exercise.

The “holds” demonstrated in this video require you to already have …

1.) good passive flexibility in external hip rotation

2.) already developed a bit of end range strength through isometric contractions.

Does that all sounds confusing? It is, and it’s cleared up in the those past two videos – watch them first.

In this video below, you’ll learn a simple and effective way to begin challenging your external hip rotation in a much more active way. It will not be easy at first, there will be some muscle cramping as you try to “freeze” you leg in the air – but in time it will get much easier. As you practice this exercise, your ability to move your hips in and out of external rotation will increase dramatically. This means better squats, better rotational movements, a greater ability to stand up or get down on the floor, and potentially reduced discomfort in a number of areas in your body. Check it out, start slow, and listen to your body.



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