Thursday December 3 2020

Appreciation During Hard Times

Tim Bell · Appreciation Meditation We get so caught up in our day to day lives, our hustle and bustle, our achieving nature – the wants that we all have. Wanting to acquire new things, conquer new goals. Always looking...

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Tuesday May 19 2020

Build Real Health – Quiet

  In our last blog post we discussed the importance of developing solid nutritional habits. Nutrition forms the base of your health. What you eat literally becomes the cells that make up your body – you are literally “what you...

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Thursday April 23 2020

Build Real Health – Diet

  One thing this pandemic has made very clear to many people, is how incredibly important it is to be healthy – and not just appear healthy. Building real health takes more than just hitting the weights or fitness classes...

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Wednesday November 20 2019

Get A Grip – Survival Fitness

Grip strength, believe it or not, is directly associated with all cause mortality. What does that mean? It means the better your grip strength, the less likely you are to die early in life. The worse your grip strength, the...

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Wednesday October 23 2019

The Survival Fitness Essentials You Need

Survival fitness, it’s what “fitness” really is; when you think about it. Fitness and survival fitness have no real separation, after all what are you being “fit” for? Fitness and health is all about surviving longer, living better, and carrying...

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Friday January 18 2019

Finding Neutral Spine

If you’ve been around the gym, or picked up a fitness book/magazine, you’ve probably heard the term “neutral spine” being said before. The thing is, most people have no idea what the heck it means, or why it’s so important....

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fight breast cancer
Tuesday January 16 2018

You Are Going To Kick This! #fightbreastcancer

“How can a healthy lifestyle result in one of the worst nightmares you can ever think of? How can this be payback for being healthy?” – Geeta Dwarika remembered her first reaction after her doctor presented the breast cancer screening...

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