Tuesday January 21 2020

Warm Up After Sitting At A Desk

Your warm up is not separate from your workout, it is a part of your workout. An effective warm up will get your blood flowing, physically warm the body, and raise your heart rate slightly – helping prepare your body...

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Sunday August 18 2019

Best Core Exercises You’re Not Doing

The best core exercises are often not the most common ones people think about. When we think of training the core, or your abs, you might instinctually think of crunches, sit ups, or the TERRIBLE russian twist – all of which...

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Friday June 21 2019

Fitness Myths – Separating Fact From Fiction

  There are some popular fitness myths, that for some reason, just won’t seem to die. These myths and misconceptions are often believed by both regular gym goers and new trainees, who often pass these myths on to friends, family,...

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Friday May 31 2019

Fix Your Shoulders: Scapular Push Ups

If you’ve been following along with our last two blog posts, then you know that we’ve been focusing on improving the health and movement of your shoulders. Specifically, we’ve been working at improving the mobility of your scapula (shoulder blades)....

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Wednesday May 22 2019

Fix Your Shoulders: Scapular Matrix

In the last post we went over what your scapula are (your shoulder blades), how they should move, and how it will benefit you to improve the mobility/control you have over them. We also went over how to perform a...

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Friday May 10 2019

Fix Your Tricky Shoulders

Shoulder problems are common, not only with those who train often, but also in those people who are hardly active at all. Unless you’ve had an accident, such as a fall that resulted in a muscular tear or a dislocation...

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Friday April 26 2019

Control Your Hip External Rotation

This is the final blog post in a series about developing greater hip external rotation and mobility. In the past few posts we talked about what hip external rotation is, why it’s important, and how it can benefit your life,...

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Friday April 19 2019

Strengthen Your Hip External Rotation

In our last blog post, we introduced you to a modified version of the pigeon stretch. That stretch will help you improve the passive range of motion available in your hip external rotation. Basically, it will give you the ability...

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