Thursday August 13 2020

Easing Back Into Training After The Pandemic

The pandemic has kept all of us away from the gym and our regular fitness routines. And while some of you may have been keeping up with your training at home, through our virtual fitness classes or app, some of...

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Thursday April 23 2020

Build Real Health – Diet

  One thing this pandemic has made very clear to many people, is how incredibly important it is to be healthy – and not just appear healthy. Building real health takes more than just hitting the weights or fitness classes...

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Sunday February 2 2020

Toned Arms – The Fastest Way To Get Them

Toned arms are an aesthetic feature desired by many, but few people truly understand how to go about achieving that desired look. First off, what are “toned” arms? Well, the definition isn’t quite well defined. When most people are asked...

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Saturday December 28 2019

Holiday Weight Gain, How To Lose It

The holiday weight gain is real. If you’re like most of us, you probably spent the past few weeks over the holiday season indulging in some of the finer things life has to offer. And by “finer things” I mean,...

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Thursday October 10 2019

Thanksgiving Guide To Not Losing Your Gains

It’s that time, the leaves are changing colours, the smell of crisp cool air in your nose, pumpkin spice everything is available at local coffee shops – it’s fall! And with fall comes Thanksgiving, which is this weekend. Now, we...

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Monday July 8 2019

3 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

So, you’re not losing weight. You’ve been hitting the gym regularly, putting in hard work while you’re there, and trying to do what you think is right … but, you’re just not shedding that extra body fat. Don’t worry. You’re...

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