Thursday December 3 2020

Appreciation During Hard Times

Tim Bell · Appreciation Meditation We get so caught up in our day to day lives, our hustle and bustle, our achieving nature – the wants that we all have. Wanting to acquire new things, conquer new goals. Always looking...

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Thursday August 13 2020

Easing Back Into Training After The Pandemic

The pandemic has kept all of us away from the gym and our regular fitness routines. And while some of you may have been keeping up with your training at home, through our virtual fitness classes or app, some of...

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Friday March 27 2020

Building A Home Gym

Having a home gym is something I few as absolutely essential. I’ve personally been saying for years, and years, as a fitness professional, that people should have essential and portable fitness equipment at home. The gym isn’t always going to...

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Saturday December 28 2019

Holiday Weight Gain, How To Lose It

The holiday weight gain is real. If you’re like most of us, you probably spent the past few weeks over the holiday season indulging in some of the finer things life has to offer. And by “finer things” I mean,...

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Monday December 16 2019

You Are The Greatest Gift

  With the holiday season here, you’re probably eye balls deep in gift shopping. You most likely have gift exchanges with friends, gifts you need to pick up for family members, perhaps a super special item for your partner, and...

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Monday November 4 2019

Getting Up – Survival Fitness

Being capable of getting up and down off the floor, without support, is a life saving skill. We take this skill for granted when we’re young and youthful, but as we age many of us will find our ability to...

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Hockey Development Camps_Twist Performance
Monday May 28 2018

Hockey Development Camps keep Canada the hockey country

Keeping up with training during the off-season is what counts for a lot of success down the road. Our partners at Twist organize these High Performance Hockey Development Camps every spring and summer and what sets them apart from camps alike are their coaches first and foremost. Watch the video right here and see them in action during their off-ice and on-ice training sessions.

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Win a Body Transformation Program
Tuesday February 6 2018

Win a Body Transformation Program

From Feb 6th, 2018 to Feb 20th, 2018 you have a chance to win this amazing $2400 Body Transformation Program which includes a 12 weeks gym membership, 24 1-hr personal training sessions, and a body composition analysis.

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fight breast cancer
Tuesday January 16 2018

You Are Going To Kick This! #fightbreastcancer

“How can a healthy lifestyle result in one of the worst nightmares you can ever think of? How can this be payback for being healthy?” – Geeta Dwarika remembered her first reaction after her doctor presented the breast cancer screening...

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