Monday August 5 2019

Exercise Substitution: The Russian Twist

For whatever reason, the Russian Twist is an exercise that just won’t go away. Most people have seen it before, many people still perform this exercise in the gym, and you might even be performing it right now in your...

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Thursday July 25 2019

Exercise Substitutions: The Pull Up

The pull up is one of the best upper body strength and muscle building exercises. The pull up primarily trains the muscles of the back, with a huge focus on the lats. The pull up is also a fantastic exercise...

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Friday July 19 2019

Exercise Substitutions: The Bench Press

If you haven’t been living on the moon, you’ve heard of the bench press before. You know it’s a staple in almost all training programs, you know what it looks like, and chances are you’ve tried it at least once...

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Monday July 15 2019

Exercise Substitution: The Back Squat

Finding a certain movement too hard? You may need an exercise substitution. When it comes to your training, there are certain movement patterns that are essential and must be trained. These movement patters make up the foundation of almost all human...

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Monday July 8 2019

3 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

So, you’re not losing weight. You’ve been hitting the gym regularly, putting in hard work while you’re there, and trying to do what you think is right … but, you’re just not shedding that extra body fat. Don’t worry. You’re...

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Wednesday May 22 2019

Fix Your Shoulders: Scapular Matrix

In the last post we went over what your scapula are (your shoulder blades), how they should move, and how it will benefit you to improve the mobility/control you have over them. We also went over how to perform a...

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Friday April 19 2019

Strengthen Your Hip External Rotation

In our last blog post, we introduced you to a modified version of the pigeon stretch. That stretch will help you improve the passive range of motion available in your hip external rotation. Basically, it will give you the ability...

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Saturday March 30 2019

Improve Your Life With Hip External Rotation

Your hips must be able to move through flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, internal rotation and external rotation, in order for you to move about your day freely. Each one of these movements is just as important as the next, however,...

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Saturday March 2 2019

Thoracic Spine: Open Books & Roller Extensions

Last week we dove into what the thoracic spine is, how it should move, and why it can cause you pain, discomfort, and poor athletic/movement performance if it’s not moving well. So if you haven’t checked out that last post,...

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Friday January 18 2019

Finding Neutral Spine

If you’ve been around the gym, or picked up a fitness book/magazine, you’ve probably heard the term “neutral spine” being said before. The thing is, most people have no idea what the heck it means, or why it’s so important....

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