Thursday August 13 2020

Easing Back Into Training After The Pandemic

The pandemic has kept all of us away from the gym and our regular fitness routines. And while some of you may have been keeping up with your training at home, through our virtual fitness classes or app, some of...

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Monday June 15 2020

Build Real Health – Movement

In our last two blogs we’ve looked into the details of how diet and quiet/stress management are the foundation for health. But if we’re talking about building real health, well rounded and holistic health, we must take into account movement...

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Tuesday May 19 2020

Build Real Health – Quiet

  In our last blog post we discussed the importance of developing solid nutritional habits. Nutrition forms the base of your health. What you eat literally becomes the cells that make up your body – you are literally “what you...

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Friday March 27 2020

Building A Home Gym

Having a home gym is something I few as absolutely essential. I’ve personally been saying for years, and years, as a fitness professional, that people should have essential and portable fitness equipment at home. The gym isn’t always going to...

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Friday March 6 2020

Push Up Variations For New Gains

The push up is a classic exercise for developing upper body strength, core stiffness, strong shoulders, and arms. We’ve all done some variation of the push up in our life time. If you’re regularly including them in your programming, it...

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Friday February 21 2020

Build A Travel Gym

Why should you have a travel gym? Well, you’re not always going to have access to one of our amazing Wynn Fitness locations. As much as we would love it for you to always train here with us, we get...

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Sunday February 2 2020

Toned Arms – The Fastest Way To Get Them

Toned arms are an aesthetic feature desired by many, but few people truly understand how to go about achieving that desired look. First off, what are “toned” arms? Well, the definition isn’t quite well defined. When most people are asked...

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Tuesday January 21 2020

Warm Up After Sitting At A Desk

Your warm up is not separate from your workout, it is a part of your workout. An effective warm up will get your blood flowing, physically warm the body, and raise your heart rate slightly – helping prepare your body...

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Friday November 29 2019

Cardio Training Without Machines (That Isn’t Jogging)

We all know that cardio training is an important aspect of physical fitness and health. We might not always enjoy cardiovascular training, but it must be done. Cardiovascular fitness has been associated with reduced risk of premature death, heart disease,...

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Wednesday November 20 2019

Get A Grip – Survival Fitness

Grip strength, believe it or not, is directly associated with all cause mortality. What does that mean? It means the better your grip strength, the less likely you are to die early in life. The worse your grip strength, the...

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