Building A Home Gym

Friday March 27 2020
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Having a home gym is something I few as absolutely essential. I’ve personally been saying for years, and years, as a fitness professional, that people should have essential and portable fitness equipment at home. The gym isn’t always going to be there, and you won’t always have access to a gym, as we’re all realizing right now.

If you’re concerned about …

  • Losing your gains
  • Reductions in movement quality
  • Not having workouts to look forward to each day
  • Not getting the mood boosting workouts your used to
  • An inability to perform the exercises that keep your injuries feeling better
  • or more …

Fear not. A cheap and EFFECTIVE portable gym, that can be taken with you anywhere you travel, can be put together with a very small investment. Today, we’re going to show you how to build an effective home gym, that won’t cost you much, and will more than get the job done for you while you’re staying indoors.

So without further introduction, let’s take a look at what you need to build a great home gym.


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1.) Suspension Trainer 

The suspension train is by far and wide, the best piece of home fitness equipment you could possibly own. If you were going to spend your money on one thing only, I would suggest the suspension trainer. It’s light, travels easily, can be used on any sturdy door, or be taken to parks. It allows you to perform just about every bodyweight exercise ever performed, as well as regressions for them that make the exercises easier. You can get a truly balanced workout that involves variations of push ups, rows, pull ups, lunges, squats, core specific movements, and more – all with this one piece of equipment.

The top one is The TRX   it’s designed to high standards, but, there are plenty of cheaper options on the market. Just search amazon for suspension trainers.


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2.) Jump Stretch Bands 

These are the large bands you see in the gym, they look like giant loop elastic bands. They can range from very light, to VERY heavy. They’re fantastic for mobility work, stretching, adding weight to bodyweight movements, being used in the place of cable machines, and more. They’re light, cheap, and portable. For most people, you’ll be able to do just about everything you need to do with 2 very light, and 2 light bands. Bands can be doubled or tripled up to increase weight.

Here are some links to some on amazon. Also, remember if you’re not sure what band to buy, buy lighter bands – they’re no joke. For example, picking up 2 of the very light bands in the first link, 2 of the light red bands, and 2 of the black bands from the second link will be more than enough for almost everyone.

Very light band here (great for mobility work, replacing cables, or to double up with other bands)

Other band sizes here (stick to lighter bands, like the red one in this group, or black)

You may want to include a door anchor with the bands, this will allow you to loop the bands through the door anchor, and attach it to a door in order to use the bands like a pulley machine. You can find them on amazon, here’s a link to one you might use.


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3.) Foam Rollers & Lacrosse Balls 

Foam rollers and lacrosse balls are fantastic additions to a home gym. They can be used to help with self massage, preparing the body for a workout. Or they can be used to help sore muscles and tight spots in the body relax and reduce tension, discomfort, and work as a precursor to mobility work. The foam roller can be used on larger muscle groups, and the lacrosse balls on smaller muscles groups that need more of a pin pointed approach.


Here’s a cheap, and high density foam roller, that you can grab on amazon.

Here’s a link to a lacrosse ball, that you can buy on amazon.


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4.) Stability Ball

Ok, so the stability ball is the least portable piece of equipment on this list – but it is EXTREMELY versatile and useful. You can use the ball to perform countless core exercises. It can be used to perform lower and upper body bodyweight based exercises. The ball can be used to assist in stretching and mobility exercises. You can also use the ball in place of a bench for many exercises, and it adds the element of instability to exercises for an addition challenge to your body and nervous system. If you are traveling, the ball can be deflated and taken with you, but again – not as portable. However, for a home gym I would classify it as absolutely essential for everyone.

Make sure to follow the size chart when purchasing a ball.

If you’re under 5’6 = 55cm ball

If you’re 5’7 – 5’11 = 65cm ball

If you’re 6’0 – 6’4 = 75cm ball

If you’re over 6’4 = 85cm ball (congrats you’re a giant!)

You can find the balls on amazon here through this link.


So there you have it. You can make an effective and portable home gym for under $150 or upwards of $300 depending on what you buy. All in all, the investment is quite small, it’s highly effective and portable, and they can all be send to your front door. Building and maintaining a body that will help you live a healthy and adventurous life doesn’t have to break the bank, and it can be done from home if need be. Let us know what you think – inbox us on Instagram or Facebook for more information!

Also, this equipment may come in handy with any of the digital classes that our Wynn Fitness instructors are teaching online through Instagram live, Facebook live, Twitch, and Zoom.  Be sure to follow our social media accounts for details on when those classes will be, and where to follow along.


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