Build An Iron Core: Side Plank

Friday February 15 2019

In order to have a well rounded core training routine, you need to train it from all angles. As we have previously discussed, the dead bug and bird dog work on the front and back of the body – as well as resisting rotation. But in order to round out the core training, you need to train the sides of the core, as well as the front and back.

This is where the good ol’ side plank comes into play. The side plank will help you develop the ability to resist lateral (side to side) flexion/movement in the spine and pelvis. It will also help to effectively train the lateral fascial lines of the body.

When combined, the dead bug, bird dog, and side plank train the core in 360 degrees, as well as work the functional fascial slings in the body.

In the accompanying video, you’ll find out how to do the side plank – and how to adjust it according to your fitness level.



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