Body Composition Analyzer Wynn Fitness Clubs Body Composition Analyzer Wynn Fitness ClubsWe can work with you to create the most effective training program, tailor-made for your body and individual goals, maximizing and even reducing the time you spend in the gym.

As a new Wynn Fitness member, this incredible Body Composition Analysis is provided COMPLIMENTARY to you during your initial assessment. This is a VALUE of $99!

The InBody 570, available at all Wynn Fitness locations, goes beyond traditional body composition analysis. In just 45 seconds, it not only analyzes how much fat and muscle you have, but it also measures your total body water and divides it into ‘intracellular water’ and ‘extracellular water’. These values are important for understanding an individual’s fluid distribution as it relates to body composition and goal setting. The test is quick, simple and non-invasive.

Not only does this information support you in setting and achieving your personal fitness goals, it also allows you to identify and track inflammation, swelling, and existing injuries in the body. This helps keep you safe and provides greater opportunity to avoid any further potential issues that may prevent you from achieving your goals.



How it works



Watch the demonstration video here