Saturday March 30 2019

Improve Your Life With Hip External Rotation

Your hips must be able to move through flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, internal rotation and external rotation, in order for you to move about your day freely. Each one of these movements is just as important as the next, however,...

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Friday March 15 2019

Thoracic Spine: Thoracic Cat Camel

The cat camel is a common exercise used to help improve, restore, or maintain spinal mobility. It’s common place in most yoga classes, and it’s a movement that even most novice trainee’s are familiar with. While the cat camel is...

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Saturday March 2 2019

Thoracic Spine: Open Books & Roller Extensions

Last week we dove into what the thoracic spine is, how it should move, and why it can cause you pain, discomfort, and poor athletic/movement performance if it’s not moving well. So if you haven’t checked out that last post,...

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Friday February 22 2019

Awakening The Thoracic Spine

If you sit at a desk for work, drive long hours, or hunch over staring at your phone all day long – your thoracic spine might need a little love. Your thoracic spine is essentially your “mid back”. It begins...

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Friday February 15 2019

Build An Iron Core: Side Plank

In order to have a well rounded core training routine, you need to train it from all angles. As we have previously discussed, the dead bug and bird dog work on the front and back of the body – as...

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Friday February 8 2019

Build An Iron Core: The Dead Bug

Today we’re looking at “The Dead Bug”, a fantastic exercise to train stability and endurance in a way that perfectly balances out “The Bird Dog” that we discussed last week. The Dead Bug primarily works the front side of the...

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Friday February 1 2019

Develop An Iron Core: The Bird Dog

Last week we touched on the topic of essential core exercises, and how crunches/sit ups aren’t the best (or safest) exercises for developing your core. This week we’re diving into the first of 3 exercises that will help you develop...

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Friday January 25 2019

3 Exercises For An Iron Core

In our last blog series we went in-depth as to what the core is, what it isn’t, how to engage it, and how to align your spine during your core engagement. Essentially, we went over the whole foundation needed to...

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Friday January 18 2019

Finding Neutral Spine

If you’ve been around the gym, or picked up a fitness book/magazine, you’ve probably heard the term “neutral spine” being said before. The thing is, most people have no idea what the heck it means, or why it’s so important....

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Thursday January 10 2019

Maintain Core Engagement

In the past two blog posts we’ve looked at what the core is and how to engage it effectively. Now that you’ve had a bit of time to get familiar with your core, and how to engage it correctly, you’ll...

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