Saturday December 28 2019

Holiday Weight Gain, How To Lose It

The holiday weight gain is real. If you’re like most of us, you probably spent the past few weeks over the holiday season indulging in some of the finer things life has to offer. And by “finer things” I mean,...

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Monday December 16 2019

You Are The Greatest Gift

  With the holiday season here, you’re probably eye balls deep in gift shopping. You most likely have gift exchanges with friends, gifts you need to pick up for family members, perhaps a super special item for your partner, and...

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Friday November 29 2019

Cardio Training Without Machines (That Isn’t Jogging)

We all know that cardio training is an important aspect of physical fitness and health. We might not always enjoy cardiovascular training, but it must be done. Cardiovascular fitness has been associated with reduced risk of premature death, heart disease,...

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Wednesday November 20 2019

Get A Grip – Survival Fitness

Grip strength, believe it or not, is directly associated with all cause mortality. What does that mean? It means the better your grip strength, the less likely you are to die early in life. The worse your grip strength, the...

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Monday November 4 2019

Getting Up – Survival Fitness

Being capable of getting up and down off the floor, without support, is a life saving skill. We take this skill for granted when we’re young and youthful, but as we age many of us will find our ability to...

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Wednesday October 23 2019

The Survival Fitness Essentials You Need

Survival fitness, it’s what “fitness” really is; when you think about it. Fitness and survival fitness have no real separation, after all what are you being “fit” for? Fitness and health is all about surviving longer, living better, and carrying...

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Thursday October 10 2019

Thanksgiving Guide To Not Losing Your Gains

It’s that time, the leaves are changing colours, the smell of crisp cool air in your nose, pumpkin spice everything is available at local coffee shops – it’s fall! And with fall comes Thanksgiving, which is this weekend. Now, we...

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Monday September 23 2019

Stability Ball Exercises That Don’t Suck Pt. 1

The stability ball is a fantastic, versatile, and effective tool for enhancing your fitness. When used correctly, the stability ball can help you can enhance core function, increase body awareness, improve balance and the health of your vestibular system, and...

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Monday September 16 2019

Warm Up Effectively, Enhance Your Training

How’s your warm up before your workout? What does it look like? Are you even following a warm up routine? Do you know why you should be following one? That’s a lot of questions, I know, but a solid warm...

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