Monday September 23 2019

Stability Ball Exercises That Don’t Suck Pt. 1

The stability ball is a fantastic, versatile, and effective tool for enhancing your fitness. When used correctly, the stability ball can help you can enhance core function, increase body awareness, improve balance and the health of your vestibular system, and...

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Monday September 16 2019

Warm Up Effectively, Enhance Your Training

How’s your warm up before your workout? What does it look like? Are you even following a warm up routine? Do you know why you should be following one? That’s a lot of questions, I know, but a solid warm...

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Sunday August 18 2019

Best Core Exercises You’re Not Doing

The best core exercises are often not the most common ones people think about. When we think of training the core, or your abs, you might instinctually think of crunches, sit ups, or the TERRIBLE russian twist – all of which...

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Friday August 9 2019

Deadlift Exercise Substitution For You

The deadlift is a fantastic exercise! When performed correctly, the deadlift effectively trains just about every single muscle in your body, with an emphasis on your posterior chain (everything on the back side of your body). The deadlift can help...

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Monday August 5 2019

Exercise Substitution: The Russian Twist

For whatever reason, the Russian Twist is an exercise that just won’t go away. Most people have seen it before, many people still perform this exercise in the gym, and you might even be performing it right now in your...

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Thursday July 25 2019

Exercise Substitutions: The Pull Up

The pull up is one of the best upper body strength and muscle building exercises. The pull up primarily trains the muscles of the back, with a huge focus on the lats. The pull up is also a fantastic exercise...

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Friday July 19 2019

Exercise Substitutions: The Bench Press

If you haven’t been living on the moon, you’ve heard of the bench press before. You know it’s a staple in almost all training programs, you know what it looks like, and chances are you’ve tried it at least once...

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