Best Glute Exercises That Aren’t The Squat

Friday November 16 2018

Developing strong, functional, and aesthetically pleasing glutes is a hot topic right now – especially amongst female trainees. Ladies everywhere have embraced glute training, and we love them for it … but guys, it’s essential for you too. If you want to move well, live with less or no pain, and perform at a high level in sports or life … you need strong, functional, and balanced glutes. Basically, if you have a butt – which I’m sure you do – you have to work it.

Glute training is for everyone.

Regardless of who you are, your current fitness level, your age, or gender – you need to be training your glutes. The glutes help balance the pelvis during movement, they’re the primary muscle group that drive us forward during running or walking, they help to externally rotate your hips, and you need them to be strong and stable if you want to avoid unnecessary stress on the spine or hips over time. Well conditioned glutes equal better movement, more efficient movement, and reduced risk of injury.

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Glutes help extend the hip joint. If your glutes can’t extend the hips well, the extension will come from your lower back … this equals pain or injury over time.

Glutes help eternally rotate the hip joint. If your glutes can’t rotate the hips well, the rotation will come from your spine or your knees … this leads to pain or injury over time.

Glutes help keep the pelvis level during running or walking. If your pelvis wobbles up and down during walking or running, it will be bending and flexing the spine through each step … this leads to pain and injury over time.

See why strong, stable, and functional glutes are so important?

When the topic of training the glutes (or butt muscles) comes up, the first exercise that’s often mentioned is the squat. While the squat is an essential movement pattern, and a fantastic exercise with a ton of variations, it’s not actually the best exercise for training the glutes specifically. The squat is a fantastic lower body development tool, and with certain variations can be a fantastic total body development tool – but there are a handful of other exercises that will blast your glutes in a much more effective, and targeted way, than the squat.

Now, here me out – we’re NOT bashing the squat. People have a love affair with this exercise, and for good reason. Squats are great, we love them, and you need to do them (in a variation that suits your needs, goals, and limitations). All we’re saying is, there are some exercises that will help you develop your glutes faster, and with more specificity than the squat alone. In fact, if you add these exercises to your training program, along with the squat, you’ll develop some seriously impressive and functional glutes. With that being said, over the next few weeks we’ll be teaching you a few exercises that will help you develop stronger, more functional, and aesthetically pleasing glutes – that will help you avoid pain, and move with greater athleticism.

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