3 Exercises For An Iron Core

Friday January 25 2019

In our last blog series we went in-depth as to what the core is, what it isn’t, how to engage it, and how to align your spine during your core engagement. Essentially, we went over the whole foundation needed to make sure you can begin to effectively train your core. Now, as we discussed in those posts – sit ups, crunches, side bends, and other exercises that flex the spine while under load are NOT the most effective way to train your core. Not only are crunches and sit ups not all that effective, they can also be damaging to the spine over time.

Repeated flexion and extension of the spine, especially while under load, can damage the discs of the spine. This can lead to disc degeneration, herniated discs, and more – that’s not something you want.

Effective core training involves developing endurance in the core muscles, in ways that prevents the spine from bending and flexing during movement. Your core training should be focused around creating stability in the spine, while allowing the limbs (legs and arms) to move freely from their stable base – your core. This type of training is much safer for your spine, and much more effective for developing a functional core.

If you want to create strong/explosive movements, allow for the greatest amount of mobility from your shoulders and hips, or increasing athleticism – you need to train the core to develop stability and endurance.

That’s why in our next 3 blog posts we’ll be going deep into the top 3 exercises, you can start doing immediately, that will train your core effectively. These 3 exercises will train your core to resist movement in the spine from all angles, as well as train the core to resist movement as you move your limbs. On top of that, they’re relatively spine safe, meaning that they’ll place very little stress on your spine while delivering maximum results for your core.

So keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks, and get ready to build a “iron” core.

– T

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