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The Twist Sport Conditioning Centre is not a fitness “gym” in the regular sense. We don’t use machines to isolate, we use functional fitness tools and techniques to integrate. Click here to learn more at

It’s a place where everyone can be an athlete, an inspiring functional fitness training environment where a team of elite-level trainers and coaches, guided by the Twist Training Methodology put theory and practice together to routinely build athletes out of ordinary citizens, adult, teens and children.


The Twist Training Methodology is an innovative whole body, functional, and highly practical fitness training system derived over many years by NHL Sport Conditioning Coach and exercise physiologist Peter Twist. Through parsing out the key ingredients of his radical success at building bigger, faster stronger athletes, Pete created the Twist Training Methodology as an ever-growing body of scientifically-applied, integrative, functional, sport conditioning fitness training geared to develop the athlete in each of us, no matter what level we start the journey.