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30 Days free

WynnMap is our innovative orientation program that guarantees your success. The program entails 3 complimentary hours of personal 1-on-1 coaching, instruction and guidance over your first 30 days.

First Session: Fitness profile and information gathering. During this assessment we find out as much as we can about your current level of fitness and what your fitness goals are.  From this information, we are then able to design a personalized WynnMAP exercise program that you can follow.

Second Session, Program Orientation #1: This second appointment is booked after your initial fitness assessment.  Based on the findings of your assessment and goal setting, our team will design an exercise program for you to follow.  The program orientation is a 1-on-1 personal training session in which you will be shown all the exercises on your WynnMAP program.

Third Session: As part of the concept that it takes 21 days to create a habit, we will take you through your entire program a second time on day 21!  This second orientation will reinforce the proper form and execution of each exercise as well as answer any questions you have about your program.  Furthermore, it is during this appointment that we will be able to get additional feedback on how your body is responding to the program and will be able to fine tune the program. This second orientation is a key to ensure you have all the tools you will need to achieve the greatest results in the safest and shortest time possible.