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  • "This transition has been one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things I've ever done in my life! I like to say that I'm now half the person physically but double the person internally.  I ha.. Shiri Shapiro

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  • "My trainer made me sweat more than I ever have before.  I also ate more than I ever have before.  All together we had more darned fun while we reshaped and reset my body and, yes indeed,.. James Frost

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  • "I joined the gym to improve my health.  The weightloss became an added bonus.  Thanks to my Wynn Fitness Personal Trainer, I look and feel great!  Also, keeping on track with my nut.. Mona Richards-Wilson

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Private training

PERSONAL TRAINING Personal Training program at Wynn Fitness is always cutting-edge. It will enable you to you achieve your fitness goals faster;  be it losing weight, conditioning or developing overall muscle tone.

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A challenging total-body workout inspired by traditional Pilates techniques will prepare you to meet the physical demands of everyday life. Pilates ...