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30 Days free

Zumba Event 2016

Tuesday September 27 2016

#TBT to the Zumba Dance-a-thon that took place last weekend in support of

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Such a wonderful turnout - we appreciate you!

Thank you for your continued support!



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Is Group Fitness for You?

Tuesday August 30 2016

After joining a fitness club in Mississauga, some people are not sure where to begin or what to do. They might try working out solo and find they lack the proper motivation to remain encouraged to reach their own personal fitness goals. After a short period of time, they slowly start visiting their fitness centre less and less. Other people struggle with trying to figure out the correct way to use equipment or what exercises they should be doing.


Signing up for a group fitness class could be the solution you seek. Group fitness can help build structure and a solid foundation to help you achieve your personal fitness goals and objectives. Group classes offer several benefits over solo workouts including:

  • Accountability – Most classes require you to sign up in advance, which makes you accountable to show up and workout. In addition, if you are taking a class with some of your friends, they will be relying upon you to be there as promised, so you are even less likely to ditch class.
  • Meet New Friends – Group classes are a great way to meet other, like-minded individuals, who share similar fitness goals. Making new friends in class can result in finding other people to workout with outside the classroom and have a “buddy” or two to provide support and motivation while lifting weights or using other exercise equipment.
  • Fun and Variety – There are all sorts of fitness classes to choose from and they offer variety compared to doing the same repetitive workouts over and over. Plus, most instructors realize it can be difficult for some people to find the inspiration they need to workout and try to make their classes fun and engaging for everyone.
  • Increased Motivation/Competitiveness – There is a big difference between trying to push through a 30 to 60 minute workout on your own and one where there is a group of people. Everyone in the class can be a source of motivation for each other, along with the instructor. In addition, some people find they want to push themselves further and “compete” with their fellow classmates.
  • Individual Attention – In smaller class settings, the instructor has time to provide feedback about form, movement, how to operate and use equipment if it is part of the class, and other attention. This personalized level of service helps many people further enhance their abilities to reach their fitness goals.

If these benefits sound appealing, you should consider signing up for a group fitness class at a Wynn Fitness Club location near you. Each of our fitness centres offers a variety of classes to select from based upon your availability. Another option, if you want more personalized attention and support during solo workouts is to retain the services of one of our experienced personal trainers.


For more information about group classes and personal training available at Wynn Fitness Clubs, stop by one of our locations today, or call our Mississauga fitness center at (905) 276-0040 for further assistance.

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Post Workout Smoothie For Recovery

Tuesday August 30 2016

Post Workout Smoothie For Recovery

1 scoop protein
8 oz almond milk
Greek yogurt
½ banana
¾ c mixed berries
Blend, serve and enjoy!

Frozen berries for garnish (optional) #eatcleanlivelean #shoplocal


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Zumba Event

Saturday September 24 2016

Those who do not want to take part with a pledge form can purchase tickets at door
$25 for 12:30-2:30 or $25 for 3:00-5:00
*ONLY those who take part with a  pledge form and raise $50+ will receive a gift bag and are elegible 
for prizes

Participants can bring their children 8yrs + from 12:30-3:00. Children will be with 2 zumba kid instructors in another studio where they will be taught zumba steps and two  different choreo. Kids will then dance what they have learned at 2:30 for their parents and participants.

proceeds of tickets, barbeque, refreshments
will to go to CBCF

Thank you



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Active Kids Are Happy Kids

Monday July 25 2016

There are several ways to get your kids up and out of the house instead of sitting on the sofa all summer long. Instead of just allowing your kids to sit in front of the television, you can encourage them to go outside or do other fitness activities. You will find there are so many different ways to encourage fitness that you will even want to join them and make it not only fun but a family activity.


First Limit Screen Time


Most pediatrics will recommend only one or two hours of television time a day for kids. A great way to encourage this is to remove all televisions from bedrooms and keep the computer in a common area in your home. This also provides you with more supervision of what your kids are doing on the computer and you will know exactly what they are watching and when.


Second Think Outside the Box


Not every child is into playing traditional sports but if you think hard you will find an activity that your kids will enjoy doing. You can get your kids involved in other activities like rock climbing, swimming, dancing, or even martial arts. Keep in mind you want your kids to be active but you also want them to have fun as well. When the activity becomes a chore your kids will lose interest and that defeats the purpose of getting them active.


Third Lead by Example


When your kids see you watching television all day long they will assume that it’s alright and expectable behavior. The more active you are the more your kids will see that being active is positive and fun. Always encourage your kids when they try new activities, even if they are not the best at a sport or activity they try encourage them to keep trying. Remember everyone improves with practice.


Fourth Make Exercise Fun


Being active should be fun and you can encourage your kids of how being active is the latest must do thing. Your kids will see how being active helps them make friends who enjoy doing the same activities. These new friends will also help reinforce that being active is what everyone is doing. Now encouraging your kids to follow the latest trend is not always a good idea however, if it’s something that is positive the trend can help you as well.


Fitness is always a positive activity and should be encouraged. You may even be inspired to join our fitness centres, here at Wynn Fitness Clubs and find even more activities you can share with your kids. Please contact us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Canada Day Holiday Hours 2016

Monday June 27 2016

 Canada Day Holiday Hours - We're OPEN 8am to 6pm

No excuses! Be sure to get that workout in!


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What Is the Rest Period in Between Sets of Lifting Weights?

Saturday May 07 2016

The amount of time you rest in between weightlifting sets, while working out at your local Mississauga fitness centers, is something you need to become aware of as you work on your fitness goals. The time periods between sets is normally different for each person, based upon their actual objective. You need to identify what your current objective is and use this to determine the correct amount of time to rest.


Some of the more common goals people establish while developing their workout routines, include:


Weight Loss


Weightlifting is an ideal way to lose fat and burn calories. For people with this goal, it is highly recommended to create a well-balanced routine that combines cardio training, endurance training, muscle building, and strength training. It is important to focus on one specific objective during your workouts during each session.


It is worth noting muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue. As you start to burn calories and lose fat, it is not uncommon to notice a decline in weight, initially, and then as the muscle tissues become stronger and bigger, your weight could start to gradually increase. This is simply a reflection of your body become leaner, more fit, and healthy.


Endurance Training


The goal of endurance training is to help improve muscle endurance quickly by increasing resistance to fatigue. One effective way to increase endurance is to use complete 15 to 20 repetitions in a minute or less, using light to moderate weights. After each set, rest periods range between 45 seconds up to 2 minutes.


Muscle Building


The objective of building muscle is increasing muscle mass, by increasing the release of anabolic hormones needed for bigger muscles. To help increase the mass of muscles, perform sets using moderate to heavy weights. Each set should consist of between 6 and 12 repetitions, with one to two minute rest periods in between sets.


Strength Training


The goal of strength training is to help make you stronger. You will want to use heavy weights and complete between 1 to 6 repetitions as quickly as possible. After each set, you should rest for 3 to 5 minutes to give the body time to produce phosphagen, a naturally occurring phosphate compound found within the body, which is produced in small quantities and needed to be able to lift heavier weights.


It should now be evident each type of weightlifting training has its own rest periods and weight requirements. As previously mentioned, this is why it is important to only focus on one specific objective or goal at a time during each workout session. For further assistance in creating a personalized workout routine to help you achieve your fitness goals, please feel free to stop by Wynn Fitness Clubs or call us at (416) 366-7500 today!

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Common Muscle Groups Often Neglected by Guys during Workouts

Wednesday April 13 2016

For most guys, it is easy to get distracted, when working out and only focusing on those muscles groups they get judged on the most, which are the abs, buttocks, and chest. These areas of the body are the ones that people often notice when checking a guy out. As such, other muscle groups get neglected and do not get the workout attention they desire.


If you find yourself focusing on the three primary areas and not concentrating on other muscle groups, you would not be alone. However, after spending 20 or 30 minutes working out the three primary areas, you should give some attention to the other neglected areas of your body for a more even and well-balanced workout. Not to mention, your body will appreciate the added attention you give it.




When was the last time you actually worked on building your forearm muscles? Working on this muscle group helps strengthen the arms and allows you to have a more firm grip, whether you are holding weights or shaking someone’s hand. The first thing to do is avoid using lifting straps and reducing the amount of weight, to help strengthen this muscle group. Not using the straps forces your forearms to do the work instead. In addition, you can incorporate wrist flexion and extension reps into your routine.




If your legs look smaller and disproportionate that the rest of your body, you have been neglecting your calves. With a little consistency in your workout routines and time, you can increase the size of your calve muscles and make your legs stronger. Two exercises you can do are seated calf raises and standing calf raises. Both of these exercises will help target all of the smaller muscle groups that makes up the entire calf muscle group.


Rear Delts


Neglecting the rear deals will result in shortened and tightened chest muscles and a more rounded back. Even though you might think you are getting a great workout by just focusing on the abs and chest, in the long run, you end up with bad posture and the potential for back problems. Try lowering the weight you lift for your chest workouts and widening the grip to force the upper back muscles to help lift the weight and give them a decent workout. Another exercise you can try is bent-over reverse fly’s.




Skimping on hamstring workouts could potentially lead to knee injuries. If you notice your knees are sore and you have not been working on your hamstrings, chances are they are letting you know there is a muscle imbalance that needs your attention. Otherwise, you run the risk of causing injury to yourself. Both physio ball curls and Roman dead lifts are great exercises to target the hamstrings and make them stronger.


By taking the time to develop a more even workout regimen, your body will become stronger and evenly balanced. In addition to spending equal time on all of the muscle groups, it is important to remember the role of cardio and how it can help further your fitness goals.


Most guys do not spend enough time on cardio or do the same cardio routines, so their bodies have acclimated to it and they no longer benefit from it. Ideally, you want to vary your cardio workouts and push yourself to the point where you heart rate is elevated and you are breathing heavily. Depending on your current fitness level, you should be spending between 30 to 60 minutes on cardio exercises, such as swimming, jogging, cycling, running, or participating in cardio classes between 3 and 5 days a week, or more.


For assistance in developing a well-balanced workout routine that incorporates both weight lifting and cardio, it may be worthwhile to retain the services of a personal trainer at one of our finesses centres in Downtown Toronto, Toronto West, Toronto East, Mississauga, and Richmond Hill or if you are a new member, take advantage of our WynnMap orientation program. To learn more about our experienced personal trainers and how they can help you or our other programs and classes, contact Wynn Fitness Clubs now at (416) 366-7500.

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